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New Season Starting 2021

May 13 2012

First Lunch will be 1100-230 Thursday May 13.

This is the date if everything happens according to plan

Check out the new menu

Last lunch for the food truck

September 25th will be the last day for lunches on the on food truck.

Thank you for your support this season and see ya all next year

Truck Locator

Locator page is back up and running please refer to locator for locations and dates

Truck locations June 1st – June 5th

June 2nd Sweet & Sprouted, 11am-2pm. Get everything in one run, pick up orders and enjoy lunch.

June 3rd Palliser Rooms EQ3, 11am-2pm, get your furniture needs covered , and have a Happy Hump Day lunch

June 4th TBD

June 5th Sweet & Sprouted, 11am-2pm, stock up on your weekend goodies and have a Happy TGIF lunch.

Truck locations May 25- 29

May 25 Palliser Rooms EQ3, 2125 Faithful Ave: 11am-2 pm start the week off with furniture shopping and an amazing lunch.

May 26 Sweet & Sprouted, 809 46 Street: 11am-2pm. Order your goodies. While picking up your order. Why not treat yourself to lunch.

May 27 Handy Special Events. 2642 Millar Ave: 11am-2pm. Stop by and have an amazing Hump Day lunch.

May 28 Central Repair. 11am-2pm. 103 3240 Idylwyld Dr N. Stop in and enjoy the amazing food offerings.

May 29 Sweet & Sprouted. 11am-2pm. 809 46 Street. Last day to get your goodies for the weekend. And have an amazing TGIF lunch.

Truck locations

May 19 Pallister Rooms. 2125 Faithful Ave 11am-2pm. Come have amazing lunch.

May 20 Sweet & Sprouted. 809 46 Street East 11am-2pm. Excited to get back to Sweet!

May 21 Handy Special Events Center. 2642 Millar Ave l. 11am-2pm. Lots of room to social distance 🙂 come enjoy some amazing food. Maybe low carb but its delicious for everyone.

May 22 Sask Health Testing Station. 3735 Thatcher Ave. The front line workers get to have an amazing food truck experience:) thank you for the invite:)

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