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Winter MENU


Disclaimer Gluten Free – Tax is not included in prices listed – Any Allergies please advise

  • Bacon Dill Cheeseburger3 carbs - $16.50

    Tastes just like your favourite old fashion cheeseburger. Loaded with beef, bacon, and all of those cheeseburger flavours you crave
  • Creamy Mushroom3 carbs - $16.50

    Creamy and rich, a deep earthy aroma .It’s the velvet of the soup world.
  • Creamy Meatball3 carbs - $16.50

    Comfort in a bowl, creamy, hearty, and every spoonful is a surprise. You will want to lick the bowl clean.
  • Creamy Broccoli3 carbs - $16.50

    This soup is like a warm blanket after being outside on a long winter day.. Rich and bold, just add pepper. yummy!!!

Ready Made Meals

  • Lasagna6.5 carbs - $20

    Close to original lasagne. Bet even your kids will go crazy for it. Tomatoey cheesy meaty goodness all layered in one single dish?
  • Butter Chicken8 carbs - $20

    Murg makhani. Aromatic golden chicken pieces in an incredible creamy curry sauce, totally sinful sauce, you'll want a spoon to finish.
  • Sweet & Sour Pork7.5 carbs - $20

    Gu lou juk or sweet and sour. Pork loin cubed and seasoned to perfection, peppers and onions with a decadent sauce. Pinch me
  • Pepper and Sausage Italian style6.5 carbs - $20

    Mama Mia!! Farmers sausage and a touch of Italy in this dish. Rich flavourful marinara, peppers, spices, take a trip with less travelling
  • Chicken Fillet Tenders3 carbs - $20

    12 Crisp and super flavourful, moist and extra crispy. Spices like the kinds you’d get at KFC. Perfect for game day parties.
  • Waffles5 carbs - $13.00

    4 Sweet and savoury waffles, They will be a hit at your next meal,

Ordering & Desserts

  • Contact Taffs at Taffsgourmet@yahoo.com for orders and dessert options

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